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Summer Program


Active Learning Center is known for it's out of this world summer camp programs!


Each year Active Learning Centers "family team" plans the summer camp programs in great detail. Summer Camp Programs are offered at select locations only. Please inquire with one of our center directors for more information on locations and availability. From water parks to indoor rock climbing, the summer campers get a summer packed with field trips and fun!

Our summer camp programs promote teamwork, fellowship, creativity, leadership, sportsmanship, and achievement all summer long. The friends and memories made truly last a lifetime.


If your child LOVES…

  • Swimming

  • All Sports

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Movies & Bowling

  • Exciting Trips & Special Event


he/she will LOVE Active Learning Centers Summer Camp


Active Learning Center hosts a mini-camp program of their own for our preschoolers and soon to be kindergartners. Mini Camp includes amazing guests, shows, and activities that come into the facility to entertain your children. Not to mention wonderful arts and crafts projects and other in center activities organized by the Curriculum Coordinator at all Active Learning Center locations as a required part of summer programming.


CHILDREN WANT A place for their imagination to soar…

PARENTS WANT Unparalleled education and peace of mind

EXPERIENCE BOTH at Active Learning Center Summer Camp where your family is our family every day!

We are proud to say that at Active Learning Centers Summer Camp, every person who walks into our doors each day - our children, parents, teachers, and directors - are part of our community & family where each member works together for one purpose: enriching the lives of your child.

Please contact your center director today for pricing and availability as spots are filling up fast! Summer Camp includes school-age children beginning the summer after they have completed kindergarten up to 12 years of age. Our Mini Camp program includes those ages 3-5 in our Preschool classrooms.

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Active Learning Center 4

3342 W Roosevelt St

Phoenix, AZ 85009

Active Learning Center 6

704 E. Butler Dr

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Active Learning Center 7

10701 N. 15th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85029

Active Learning Center 8

4494 W Peoria Ave. #120

Glendale, AZ 85302

We are rated 3 stars with Quality First and First Things First

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