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A Letter from Lloyd



I wanted to take a moment to thank you for choosing Active Learning Center's Licensed Daycare & Preschool Center for your little child or children. As a father of four beautiful children I truly understand the importance of TRUSTING a provider to care for your child. As parents, we love our children so deeply, and we need the peace of mind that we've found a center where the staff truly cares about our children. At Active Learning Center, this is absolutely the peace of mind you'll get with your son or daughter enrolled at our center.

I recognize the environment is so important for children, and I really take pride in being able to make a difference in the way our center is unique. We provide a home-like environment for children to be exposed to each and every day. Surrounding children with beautiful classrooms that are safe, luxurious, and educational is a priority for me as an owner and as a father. I also understand that maintaining a clean center is a must to ensure that children are as healthy as possible and that the center feels wonderful for our little ones to be a part of every day.

I am proud of the remarkable teachers that work for our company, as many of them have been a part of our family for many years! I understand you, the parents, count on our center to have teachers who are loyal, educated, and caring, and I assure you that's just what we have! Personally, over the past few years, I have been gifted with the true friends I have at our center. My employees have been right by my side helping Active Learning Center grow and bloom into the outstanding childcare facility it is today.

I thank you for sharing your child with us, and I look forward to the pleasurable days we will all have together at Active Learning Center!


Lloyd Beal –Owner


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