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First Day Ready

Separation Anxiety

All children and parents feel some anxiety about being in a new environment. Our teachers are “in tune” with these feelings and are ready to comfort your child while you make your exit.

We have found that prolonged good-byes generally cause more anxiety for your child. It helps if you talk positively with your child about his time at Active Learning Center before the arrival. Once you reach the classroom, tell your child goodbye and that you will be back to get him later, then make a quick departure. 

If your child is tearful or anxious, we will comfort him and quickly get him involved in an activity. We know that this period of adjustment can be difficult for parents too, so please feel free to call us during the day to find out how your child is doing.

Forms to be Completed

The Enrollment Agreement, Registration Information form, and the Emergency Information Card (which includes immunization record) must be on file as of your child's first day at Active Learning Center. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep this information updated at all times.


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